Heal From Within by Luisa Marin

Welcome to Your Personalized Holistic Healing Experience crafted with a unique blend of skills, of science, and intuition

Transformative Healing is an art uniquely for you by Luisa marin.

If you are someone who:

... realises that their childhood or inherited trauma has not been resolved.

... has done everything conventional and now you need to try something different.

... is looking for lasting results.

Then You are in the Right Place.

"I'm so grateful to have met Luisa, as she's really helped me with my general anxiety as well as my fear of flying. Her approach is very intuitive, caring, and gentle, and I'm always amazed at how great I feel at the end of a session. It's as if all my worries slip away, and I feel like I can tackle anything!

Erin Jensen

Founder of Cimo & Violet', New York

"In my first session with Luisa, she was able to fix my chronic shoulder and neck pain that I've had in years!

I now have more energy, mental clarity, improved mental health, better sleep, less pain, and overall- I just feel BETTER.

Jennifer Horowitz

Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, New York

Luisa combines intuition, expertise, and a commitment to customized solutions, ensuring that you will receive the attention and care that you deserve.

The impact extends beyond your physical health, and will help you to embrace financial and emotional well-being.

When you start working with Luisa, your unique healing journey begins in a space where science and intuition converge to unlock your true potential.

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